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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Home At Last

In our adoption preparations, I read many books and spoke to even more people about how to prepare for our homecoming.  We were prepared for things like nightmares, defiance, temper tantrums, problems eating, and all sorts of scenarios when we picked up our son and especially when we brought him to our home.  I did not expect love or affection or even smiles from this boy because I did not want to set myself up for disappointment.  We were not prepared at all for what actually happened.  Tears are running down my face as I type this.  In the week we have been home, we have seen huge smiles, experienced belly-ache laughter, and listened to this boy joke with his sisters and new friends.  We have a boy who eagerly completes his English lessons and asks for more.  Today he played his first basketball game after one practice and scored!  Then he got a haircut with his daddy.  Often he cuddles up with us or gives us hugs at random moments.  He proudly shows us things he has created and completes his schoolwork quickly and accurately.  And, he told me he loves me at bedtime a few nights ago. 

I'm not blind, I know there will be troubles as with any child.  However, I do appreciate the gift we have in our son and the expected hurdles we didn't have to face.  I am thankful for the blessings that God continues to pour on our family.  I am also thankful for your prayers.

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