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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcoming 2013

2012 was a crazy year for our family. How could a year not be crazy when you kick off New Year's Day by taking your newly adopted son from his orphanage. Did I mention that we couldn't communicate with him because he spoke no English? But that was just the beginning. Our tree-climbing girl found herself in the emergency room after falling off of a curb and the doctor wasn't sure how to stitch such a strangely-shaped cut. We moved from a tiny apartment to a big house (definitely a welcomed change for a family of six). My husband left his job to start his own business and I started another part-time job. Definitely crazy.

I am welcoming 2013 as a calmer, quieter year in the life of our family (shh, let me pretend for a while longer). Since I will be able to focus a little better this year, I (we) have some goals that represent this lifestyle.

  • My husband and I have started using Manna360 as part of our healthier eating plan.  I am already impressed at how much better I feel when I add it to my morning drink.  I also plan to prepare meals for my family using more whole foods and less pre-packaged items. 
  • I am reading through the Bible this year.  I also have a Bible study plan for each of our kids.
  • Our family is returning to our "thankful journal" with a few tweaks.  Each person will write one item in the journal each day.  At the end of the day, we will read that day's entries aloud.  Previously, we missed many days because we always wanted to do it together and it didn't work out for one reason or another.
  • Keep the kids' scrapbooks current using the Studio J digital scrapbooking program.

There you have it.  My 2013 goals.  What are yours?

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