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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Need The Beech Retreat!

I know that God is very creative because the story he wrote for me is beyond my wildest imagination.  I also know that my story needs to be shared because it is one that will teach and inspire others.  Any one part of my life is enough adventure for my limited mind, but God combined an odd assortment of events into a wonderfully beautiful demonstration of His love for us.  It started when my grandparents took me in to help my single mother raise me as she put her life back together.  Then He gave me a sweet friend whom I would later marry, after we experienced the death of both of his parents.  Together we would be be blessed with three daughters, all of whom were medical miracles.  When we felt most stable but during an unstable economy, God took away my husband's job, brought someone to buy our house for the amount we owed on it, and brought us a job and home in another location.  In obedience we moved and found a church family waiting with open arms.  Most recently, we defeated all of the odds that were against us and adopted a sweet boy who has fit perfectly into our family. 

I could go on and on, which is exactly why I need to attend the Beech Retreat.  I have a story to tell and all of the vehicles to tell it.  What I need is someone to tell me how to drive those vehicles and reach my audience.  I know that the Beech Retreat would not only give me the instructions I need, but also the tools I didn't know I needed.

If you'd like to go, click here for details.

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